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Guest Dock Rates and Rules

All users of the Guest dock are required to notify PYC staff of their presence immediately upon arrival and are entitled to use water and power if available.  They will settle any amounts owed before departing.



  • Members without summer slips or arriving on a guest boat, are entitled to use the guest dock during the day for free for pick ups and drop offs and if they are using the club facilities.

  • Members without summer slips are entitled to one free overnight stay at the guest dock per calendar year.

  • Further overnight stays will be charged at $2 / Ft with a minimum of $30.


Non-members who hold applicable memberships status at reciprocal clubs:

  • Upon proof of membership at a club considered to have reciprocal status with the PYC, non-members may use the guest dock at the following rates:

    • Day rate of $2/ft with a minimum of $40.  This will be credited against purchases at the Bar & Restaurant.

    • Overnight rate of $3/ft with a minimum of $50.


The Club manager or any attending board members has full discretion on granting use of the guest dock to reciprocal members.


Non-members who do not have membership at a reciprocal club are not permitted to use the guest dock or any other club facility.

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